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Egorapture Egorapture

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I just love your animating style, dude. You mimick Egoraptor's artistic and chaotic style insanely well, and mad props for getting him to do to the voicing. The credit reel is also genius, seeing how these asshole viewers automatically rate "0" on any submission ( good or not ) that remotely comes close to capturing the look and feel of Egoraptor's animations. Great choice of music at the credits as well.

My only gripe was that knocking on the Bible was a bit much. I can take a joke, though. You're my new favorite artist. Keep up the great work!

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American Pokemon American Pokemon

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I'm still a fan of you, JohnnyUtah.

I wouldn't say that I am not at fault with poking fun at subject matters like being fat, singing bad, being illiterate with reading, etc., but these kind of things are something can most normal people can help themselves about. Even with racism and sexism, people can defy being stereotyped and be something unique and different.

But, terminally ill children with cancerous tumors...? They can't help them. Their parents can't help them. Nobody can help them. It's very sad and I've been with all kinds of these people and their families.

I'm not here to give you a guilt trip. You definitely are a great artist, you and your animations are very distinctive and amazing. Many of your previous works have genuinely made me laugh as well. It's just that you tried to shine the humorous light on something that's extremely dark and sad to a lot of people. You are forgiven, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck on your future projects.

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JohnnyUtah responds:

i promise no cancer next time.

WGJ4K: I Hate Videogames? WGJ4K: I Hate Videogames?

Rated 3 / 5 stars


WGJFK is kind of like Space Ghost C2C, it seems to have a limited appeal and it takes a certain kind of person to actually see the humor in it.

Fortunately, as strange as this may sound, this parody is for people who either love or REALLY hate the series. The crude drawings, decent animation ( I like the artistic and dramatic bits scattered here and there ), and the fact that it's poking fun at WGJFK makes this parody at least passable.

But, there's more to humor than dick jokes and screeching sounds. Some of the stuff like the horse coming out of nowhere and the 'EggoWaffle' interview got me chuckling. The closing minute of the flash seemed to be more of an actual parody than anything else.

You've got a decent collab here, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mickey absolutely torches this flash in an upcoming episode.

Spazkid responds:

godammit. Why does everyone think this was all dick jokes? It wasn't. It was just people with there dicks out. Like. Do you call someone talking a leak a dick joke? Do you call sex a dick joke? Do you call nudity a dick joke? Then why the fuck would you call an animated version of everything I just said a dick joke? Its indecent exposure if anything. Dick jokes are jokes based around the male genitalia.

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I wanna be the flash game I wanna be the flash game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great game, awful control...

Whenever I am in the mood for an old-school ass whooping, I can always count on Megaman, Battletoads, Blaster Master, or IWBTG. Yes, I've played IWBTG... and yes, I know how bloody hard it is. On it's own merits, this game is a faithful fanmade "spiritual sequel".

But at least with games aforementioned, whenever I die... I know it's my fault and not the game. The object collisions, weird physics, and the controls in general are awful. Intentional or not, it severely dampens any given game. At least half of my deaths alone were from the iffy double jump reaction.

The choice of music is decent enough. The visuals aren't really anything special, but I can definitely go without that seizure inducing area before the Donkey Kong area ( my eyes still hurt from that ).

You have a great game underneath here, but please fix the controls and collision detection.

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The Life Of A Pacifist... The Life Of A Pacifist...

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This has potential...

This looks and ( to a lesser extent ) sounds like something out of the SNES era. I wouldn't call this a game, and it's not quite a simulation either. The interactive elements don't appear to have any major significance, either. The story itself is the only major thing going for this, and it peaks at passable. Adding more interactive elements and making the story swayed by the user's decisions could make this interactive flash more interesting. An occasional change in music would be nice too; listening to the same two measures of notes gets old after a while.

Try to make an actual full fledged game ( perhaps an RPG ) with the plot and the characters. The interactive flash here ends on a few questions, so if you ever get around to making something out of this, try to tie up the story.

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Lil Red from da Hood Lil Red from da Hood

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


You definitely have something promising here. Artistically, it's fairly basic, but memorable. You mix and balance things up just enough to where neither the urban attitude nor the fairy tale itself dominate this interactive flash. Speaking of interactive, the little bits here and here provide some laughs.

If you're wanting to improve on this, I'd start out by adding some voicework. A text driven story is okay for this movie, and the sound effects partially make up for it. I can't really gripe about the interactive areas, but as Redwaller below noted, the 'Get to Grandma's' minigame feels like a last minute tacked on addition.

I'll look into some of your other works. Keep up the good work.

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Soul Destroyer Soul Destroyer

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This sounds like of something out of the 'Melon Collie' album from 'The Smashing Pumpkins', back when music was treated like art and actually meant something.

It's very beautiful and touches a few nerves.

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